Don't spend time thinking about heating oil, OilFox does it for you!

OilFox is the intelligent level meter for your heating oil and diesel tank. Don't think about your next heating oil purchase: with OilFox, you have your filling level and current prices right to hand. Profit from individual offers always made available to you at the right time - accessible right from your smartphone!



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What is


OilFox makes it easier for you to purchase new heating oil and informs you at all times about your current tank filling level.

With the OilFox app, you have access to your current heating oil level, current market prices and historic price development - at anytime from anywhere

Thanks to the intelligent tank monitoring and your individual consumption forecast, you can permanently see how long your heating oil will last.

As soon as there are important news, e.g. when your oil is running low or your heating oil supplier has a favourable heating oil offer, the app sends out a push notification to keep you up-to-date.

You would like to place a new order for heating oil? Not a problem. You can do that with just one click via your smartphone.





Thanks to OilFox, you can check your oil level at any time and from any location. Furthermore, it automatically reminds you when it is time to buy new heating oil.


Our OilFox partners are constantly developing new services and offers regarding all aspects of OilFox – and your heating oil.


OilFox can be used on all conventional tank models, can be installed by anybody and is connected intuitively to the OilFox app.

Download the OilFox app

The OilFox app is mandatory for setting up your OilFox for the first time. In the app, you can view your current filling level and consumption forecast. With just one click, you can place an order with your heating oil supplier.

Fast and easy! Get the app now.